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Article translated by Google Translator
Sea 30pt (Part Two: The War) Analysis of the war at sea from [nwo] TIRAEL

1. Actors and their settings
2. The alignment of the fleet, plans
3. After the first battle
4. Further information and advice

The characters and their settings.

1. 17th century frigate
Cost: 5000 gold 1500 wood iron coal 800 1000
Life: 50000
Defense: 0
Material for the content of gold (0.183 miner)
The material on the shot: coal iron 25 35
Gunshot: 400 min - 1650 max
Reload Speed: 75
Build Time: 30 ticks (the upgrade construction)
The spread of fire: 250
Description: This is the basic combat unit in the game of the sea and any features in it. We use both in attack and in defense.

2. Transport
Cost: 300 gold 50 wood iron 100
Life: 62000
Defense: 0
The material on the content: food
Build Time: 5 ticks (the upgrade construction)
Description: The course of the game on sea transport almost loses its intended purpose, but it is not used often. However, the main task is to be meat before the attack fleet, or at the siege of the island while he can work as an explosion in the galley-style fire-ship, and draining the enemy bullets.

3. 18th century frigate
Price: 17 500 gold 150 wood iron coal 900 1700
Life: 65 500
Defense: 100
Material for the content of gold (0.625 miner)
Material per shot: 45 Coal Iron 75
The radius of the shot: 400 min - 1950 max
Reload Speed: 20
Build Time: 20 ticks (the upgrade construction)
The spread of fire: 250
Description: In a sea elite frigates century will no longer be called not like. These ships are the strongest part of any fleet.

4. Cutter
Cost: 4500 gold 150 wood 150 coal iron 100
Life: 21000
Defense: 0
Material for the content of gold (0.062 miner)
The material on the shot: coal iron 4 9
The radius of the shot: 300 min - 1100 max
Reload Speed: 150
Build Time: 20 ticks (the upgrade construction)
The spread of fire: 250
Description: The main objective of these ships is the hunt for a boat, but they can not take a bad light on the ships themselves while not falling under them at the right distance is especially circling them next to the enemy as Frege century those big price shot

5. Galley
Cost: 9500 Iron Wood 1000 gold 1100
Life: 50000
Defense: 100
Material for the content of gold (0.937 miner)
The material on the shot: coal iron 4 9
The radius of the shot: straight shot 300 min - 1100 max 1100 min Canopy - 3100 maximum
Reload Speed: direct shot 150 Canopy 50
Build Time: 6 ticks (the upgrade construction)
The spread of fire: 200
Description: The mission of these ships is to destroy enemy buildings, but it's not uncommon to use a gallery as a shield as as they, unlike the 17th century frigates have protection (100)

6. Battleship 18th century
Price: 65 500 gold tree 45 050 53 000 Coal 47 200 iron
Life: 65 500
Defense: 400
Material for the content of gold (18.750 Miner)
Material in a shot: five iron coal 15
The radius of the shot: 800 min - 4500 max
Reload Speed: 200
Build Time: 50 ticks (the upgrade construction)
The spread of fire: 150
Description: We can say that ship with the same name as Victoria, will give a real victory, this ship is very expensive task is the defense of the island is able to take down dozens of enemy ships leaving for yourself is not scratched. Big minus is the inconsistency of his defense of his personal (Without the support of this ship is just the release of resources.) And the fact that this unit Mercenary.

Arrange the fleet plans.

All construction plans and paint is not possible, but I'll try to describe the most frequent. By the 29th minute of the 28 you start to leave the ships, and in order to follow them could quickly get out, your best bet is to place built fleet.
What should I consider in setting: The main objective is a broad front, the greater your ships are the more they will send volleys of the enemy, and the faster it will sink.
For a visual arrangement of the Navy consider such a plan here:

This is essentially an ideal preparation to which to aspire. Of course it does not fit all the cards and for all contenders. But the main thing that was clear principle and why it is done. We describe what is it and why: T1 - that's 10 transports as meat, A1 - the boat with the front ports are also meat, Group F1, F2, F3, F4 - and that the fleet apart on all fronts, I advise you to score them at the numbers into groups for faster access, K1 - a group of mosquito-kuterrov their challenge for the island of penetration of the enemy and destroy enemy submarines, it is better if you ask them a complex way by showing a safe route to be followed where they do not run into the enemy's frigates, K2 - Cutter raiders, their task as meat and take the fire itself and merge the bullets of the enemy, but to better manage their own lest they ran into the enemy fleet and were far enough away so that the core of them did not get another sense of them will not, in fact they should ideally take place between the fleets closer to you, F5, F6 - flanking frigates 17th century is the protection of breaking the enemy of mosquitoes, they should always be there or you will quickly lose their boats with experienced opponent. Well, the island is protecting your guns and mortars to bomb places the main direction of attack.
In order to see it all live watch movie

Perhaps the most interesting and love me in the sea, this is what the game plan just an incredible set, a game to attack you saw in the video, now consider the game on defense, I want to note that the sea defense camp which is not easy to break off here by going a little more wide wing than the opponent but more on that later. And so we look the plan:

And so, with the game on defense after letting the enemy's main objective is closer to the island and then attack. Red and yellow arrows show possible directions of movement of squadrons, respectively, red yellow your opponent. For any choice of one of the two yellow opponent stumbles under attack from two flanks - it ticks, mites play principle you will always come out the winner of battles, even the name of the ship a little less than the opponent. What we get in the game of defense under such circumstances as the plan: 1. Mites on both wings 2. The numerical advantage (if ordered at the same time the fleet) as We close the ports and still have Wing fleet that protects against mosquitoes, which can also be used, not the entire course. 3. Supporting artillery and transporters from the port where the enemy is too close. This alignment will bring you victory is always important to have enough ammo, because in this scenario is very fast consumption of coal and iron.

After the first battle.

There are already three points a fork as you can to win the first battle, exchanging with the enemy fleets alike, and to lose the first fight. How to be more readable.
1. You won the first battle, all 18th century frigate came up with the ports and with them (with the front ports) at once ordered the frigates 17th century, for this you should have enough wood (min 200k), if not then buy, go take a frigate in groups and send to the enemy: If there is a squadron of the enemy that swims up to him with a sufficient number of ships and try to take in a pincer movement, although you can simply go over the top if you have a numerical advantage. If you have enough gold (greater than 100k) Download the mines (gold, if all kacheno, download iron and coal) are trying to pump two iron and 2 coal, the first swing is better of course if you have a charcoal were frigates 18th century as they burn it very much if there are very few or no, iron swing then you will be less likely to look to the market after buying just have coal and iron are much less common.
Preparing for the gallery: We try okapat island with one of the enemy's flanks, exactly what you need to choose before the game that depends on where it is easier to break you for the island to the enemy, and from where it is easier to get all the gold mines. Having a sufficient advantage in the Navy at one of the flanks of the order a galley of course all the preparations to the gallery just nonsense, if you can not order them because carry the 300-400K of the tree (the minimum number of Order 30-40 galleys, ordering less an opponent quickly destroy them Brander transporters and coastal artillery). Ordering galleys led them closer to the island and try to inflict maximum damage to the economy destroying the building (on the priorities of the objectives of the gold mines, GC, coal and iron mines, a market, forge). Losing it all and rather the absence of gold, bullets, and the tree will lead to your victory very quickly.

2. To exchange with the enemy equally should play just as well as with the advantage that only pre-prepared defense that needs to be done for this:
I. Pumps of the tower, were killed on the numbers mortars and cannons, build hussars if not done cuirassiers to PT and put it to patrol the shore where the enemy starts to attack, as stated above with a large swing to the treasury of the mine.
II. If you can see that the enemy flanks are not protected enough Apply the mosquitoes even if you have very little resources.
III. To prevent this in the direction of myself, let the ports of the central collection point on the flanks to assist the port side did not cease to do detention.
IV. Depending on the card can try a landing
V. And of course the main thing if the enemy attacks first answer a volley of guns on the accumulation and then to send a squadron there.
By following these rules you can be confident in their defense that will give the excuse to start attacking game to take advantage, ie to Step 1. But if the enemy began to successfully attack and begins to obsess the advantage in the Navy at one of the flanks of your island, then proceed to Step 3 for the game when losing the first battle.
3. Many newcomers nomination sea did not know how to play with the advantage of the enemy, and saw that almost the entire island under siege by enemy squadrons often write YY, and it is a mistake because that's not the end, of course, if you blew up all the gold and not gold rounds and then is clearly the game is lost. But how to avoid it. It reads: Let's start from the moment the enemy ships appear near the island,
1. Getting fire from guns, mortars, and further that the ships near the place of attack. 2. If a fleet is not too far away to help sum up trying to use pliers. If they failed and the enemy swam to the island back to back, cancel the frigates from the ports near the enemy's ships as this drain of resources into an empty, (frigates do not shoot almost as if it is to heavy fire and they are on the displacer should go where regular frigate), so cancel and start the production of transport it will blow up with him near the frigates and galleys, if they are here, Hussars or cuirassiers should patrol the shore and take the guns sights for yourself, run the production peak of 18th century and the collection point nearest to the shore from the enemy fleet. Very actively shoot guns and mortars in small clusters and kopim Squadron at ports where there is no enemy, and send them to beat off the island. If the enemy approached the galley to prepare the crosses to repair mine is better to bring them to him, firing guns and mortars are sending to the galleys and watch their eyes are directed to these ships so as not to miss the bus start destroying buildings. If you managed to fend go to step 2 in which you have prepared a defense if it does not then GG.

Further information and advice.

At sea, there is no such thing as a critical shot and therefore a good account always wins.
On most cards do not cost more than 100 18th century frigate, you just throw resources because the bombing chips fly in the next few frigates and ships that are behind the shooting are not battling injuries, because when they enter the battle, in turn, it will already be pretty shabby .
On the card type - two sausages and nearby islands is often used technique Rush, what is it and how to eat it, in principle, nothing more complicated in it, you just swing a little less than mine leaving food for the tree and ammunition, and order a fleet before opponent, and the order you will certainly be more because you do not mine rocked, and shortly after the first attack, or even before you order it 30-50 galley fleet and immediately start bombing smyav mine almost immediately after the PT, in fact play in all-because failing a rush at the opponent will be more severe with eco rolling mines, and you have to tightly.
Camp - Camp is essentially a loss in advance if your frigates are they just pereschelkayut 1, at Camp Sea is important during the start up of dogs then you win the fight, but in most cases, the outcome of the battle decides number of ships and who have mites.
Do not ever give up, if you have a pile of gold, you can rebuild the building, pull the fleet, mine rock. A tree to get to exchange with gold, if there is no ammunition in the heat of battle, and there is no stone or food to share, feel free to throw gold if this fight is worth it of course, he did not once throw up 100K on the cartridge.
Useful information, many early make a big mistake, trying to order 100 frigates 18th century. And then began the first battle sitting on the market and buy ammo instead that correctly steers the ships, so that it was not aware that to destroy the enemy fleet of frigates of the 100 century, and their assistants as well as to build its 100 Frege century and upgrades them You will need 700K of coal and iron 500k. Because so much not being able to buy your order Frege century just for less then the cartridge and enough for everything else, but if you camp or play on defense you can and in another there is everyone's business.
Do not disassemble this card day will not help you win, you do not know how to play the opponent but because all your plans for the "post-Fri" initially failed, because there decides to experience at sea, using the fact that you have resources and fleet. Experience the most powerful thing in the game after the PT, after 30 minutes when you are not able to get the same number of resources on the same card, the difference is sometimes in the millions of meals produced while developing the same. And that is why you should always bear in mind that there is, and here to solve your experience, so go for it.

The material is taken from the site of clan [NWO]

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