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Article translated by Google Translator
Sea 30pt (Part One: Development) Analysis of the development of the sea [nwo] TIRAEL

I. initial development
II. construction of sea ports
III. order Boat
IV. Rybalovstvo
V. Bleeding and other mines
VI. The final development

I. The initial development.

At sea, the initial development may be made different, here is a matter of each player as he would play pick up, or rather a way to choose, pick, or whether it will be an ax or a mine, but I prefer to play only two ways to pick a tick -150 (in number of gold mines cw three or less) and by the mines - 230 tick (when the number of gold mines and more than 4).
After receiving an upgrade to 300% of quarrying building a fourth cycles, the faster the better, in parallel with the accumulation of resusov on it, build warehouses and begin to work on all deposits of stone islands, by the way on very large deposits suggest to build a warehouse in 2 that will increase your production (except if the expensive stores, then it is better not to build on the initial stage of the game).

Once made a pick, and quickly put all the iron mines

II. Construction of sea ports.

One of the most important parts of the economy over the sea. Before the official game, I advise you to see the map on which to play, the editor and see what number of ports will be on your island, to know how many resources you will need to build them and how much will change stone to get them.

Example: If your island fit 40 ports - it's 70,000 trees (rounded) and 20.000 iron to get those resources to accumulate enough stone for 100,000 trees and 40,000 for iron. With the accumulation of the count of stone make exchanges and obtain the needed resources.

When building the island ports, so you need to follow the buoys were not too close to each other, or else the two ports will work as one with the release of ships. The distance between them affects not only the construction of ships and boats to catch a meal, when the two are near buoy that boats next to them at much closer kuchkuyutya because production will be lower than the buoy with a normal interval.
In the third figure shows the minimum distance between the buoys.

III. Order boats.

So we got to the key moment in the economy of the game at sea. It is believed that the optimal number of boats in a port is 20, but I want to say that in order to consider what you island if it is more oval than you can safely book on top of another 50-150, but if your island is littered with all sorts of bumps, hollows , puddles and other arts of the author, I advise you to order umenishit to 15 per port. Everything is done to make sure that your boat is less easy to feel close with your ports, but not crowded with dense rows of the crowd as the rebellious peasants in front of the house of his master.

IV. Rybalovstvo.

Extraction of food through the boat is a skill - a mystery, how to raise them right, it probably will remain outstanding issues in the minds of all moremanov Cossacks. But the fact that they need to grow inconclusive. With lots of boats will be crowds, and only coming to the buoy will bring you food and then with a few pauses, and other long-boat from buoys and all will be standing on the edges of the pile and will not bring you nothing more. Whereas with the right divorce boats you will receive income of 1.5 or even 2 times more than the passive fishing. Here are some examples of how to raise the boat:

The numbers marked with a group (№ 1), a circle with the numbers and letters that need to press the right mouse button (№ 1a) arrow indicates the direction you specify while pressing the right mouse button

V. Bleeding and other mines.

I. Once the boat started to get to quickly build-up count of residential areas, there need to look at the nation's plays and the island (as far as he is big), if there is enough space then build up houses of the island, it is desirable to put the fifth and second GC barracks 17th century . If your island is small and very limited space that needs a quick transition to the age and construction of barracks, the 18th century.
II. As 2-3 teams crosses build up the island towers, the emphasis is on the flanks and rear of the island. I want to say that zastroka especially individual towers, each player must build up a central part of the tower so that helped otbitsya fleets of the enemy. But personally I think it's important not to allow the enemy to the rear and the rear being built because of the island.
III. Boats began to get the fish are starting to follow the formation of their piles, and breed them, hammered gold mine on three key and waiting when the number of meals will be equal to 1,500,000 and change it to gold, after we throw a stone on the iron and wood (if it is not very much) and swing to score three key mines. Do not forget to raise the boat))). Farmers in the rolling of mine better start pumping in parallel - pumped level, started. By this time it must have accumulated over 1,500,000 meals to change its gold and download another 3 shafts (typically 2 gold and iron, but if the game speed is less than the usual I would suggest that 1 gold and 1 iron and coal.
However, when pumping the mines should be considered a game you should not shake mine after 20-21 minutes, an exception: if you have a lot of gold (say more than 100,000) and if you pumped the mine for a few levels but not at all.
IV. Parallel pumping advise on key scoring artdepo and swing when the shaft speed of construction to pump guns and mortars order.
V. Building a second academy for faster throughput ups, second market and forge.
Making up for cutter on the frigates, 3 apa to protect the buildings and towers. Hammered on the keys left-flank 3 port, 3 port right-flank, and all central to the construction of warships.

VI. The final development.

Now I give you one example of a final development (it depends on the number of accumulated food for 24-25 minutes):
If it is 5,000,000 - the normal game speed and medium-sized island

I. Here is the first decisive exchange for iron changing 30-40k of iron for food and throws back a sufficient number of you, if I play in the frigates century, I buy around 500-600k iron (2-2.5 kcal meal).
II. Rolling still 4re artdepo (releasing them from mortars)
III. Also, if you have 1.2 ports in the center around which spins very little boats, order in which pieces of 30 cutters (if there is no free port in order to flank the ports), to quickly knock down the opponent and the central boat also try prorvatsya behind enemy lines, well, or use them to distract the enemy frigates in combat. Here is an example of their use in combat.

IV. I order a 6-port flank frigates so as not to have broken the enemy cutter (25-26 minutes)
V. Buy a tree up to 1,700,000. - 2,000,000 (3.5 4kk meal)
VI. Change the food at an angle of about 600-700K (2.5 3kk meal)
VII. If the opponent has not yet released warships and then we do not want (due to the fact that resources are well and more is even better), make ups, 5t the artillery and the speed of a ship, make up the port for the construction of frigates of the 18th century.
VIII. Hammered central keel on the button and send them away from the port, I advise you to use them tactically very effectively can happen.

The material is taken from the site of the clan [NWO]
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